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Postings and Pricing

by Samuel Foote on 11/13/10

I'm going to be alternating my posting from major to more minor works. My strategy of late when doing shows is to have a wide section of price points to chose from when considering the purchasing of my work. For example, and partially as a necessity of the economy, I start small. 8"x10" is my staple. I'm now currently displaying 14 8"x10's" , witch I am switching out with new one's as they are sold. From there the works incrementally increase is size and price. In the ongoing Hub show, I have several larger pieces as well. Some of my painting's are out of harmony with this scheme as they are piece I've dedicated special attention, and consequently, more time too. I will some times work on paintings over years, rather than days! As example, check out TURMOIL, in the gallery.

It used to take me a long time to paint a picture. Recently my technique and process has improved greatly. I can now paint a piece in 3 or 4 sessions no problem. In the last month I have painted nearly 20 new works, a record for me, including the making of at least a dozen frames, etc.

Expect up dates from me far more often!!!

Make a great day!

Sam Foote

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