Samuel Foote
BIRTHDATE: 5-01, 1976
BIRTHPLACE: Billings Mt. U.S.A
Residence: Reno Nv. U.S.A

Here you can find infomation, bolth technical and philisophical, on the creation of my works.  This section is dedicated solely to the discustion of process.

I am a thrirty four year old male artist living and working here in Reno.  I have never taken an art class, or otherwise been instructed.  I almost never work from any kind of reference, instead relying on my intellect and observational memory sklls.

Some of my influences are Beksinski, Van Gogh, Giger, Turner, Monet, Da Vinci, Macel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, Dr Seuse, amoung many others.

Inspiration for me falls into two primary modes of working.  One, The Heavy Heart thinks too much, see's too much, and feels too much.  Working and processing externally, and wearing holes into my sanity with circular thinking.  This is the external self.

The other, the light of heart, lives by the saying "Ignorance is bliss!"  The internal self wishes to judge nothing, plan nothing, and isn't concerned with the weight of the world.  It is a beautiful field of flowers.