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by Samuel Foote on 07/09/13

Title: Creep
Medium: Charcoal , Color Pencil , Gel Pen, Black pen
Support: Bogus rough sketch paper,,,,,it has a natural buckling effect, ie, this stuff is warped when you buy it.
size: 9”x12” 

Site Updates!

by Samuel Foote on 06/07/13

I'm currently updating this place after more than a year and a half....This should be a lot of fun!  I have a whole bunch of new work to add and will be refreshing the look a bit.  My sales site, linked to the shop section is on Etsy and is external.  I should have at least 50 new items including prints up very soon.   

I also have a new art show available to view this month of June at my favorite coffee shop the Hub 32 Cheney st Reno Nv,.  The show seams to be going well so far.  I sold my first painting before I could get them all up on the walls!  I hope the rest of the month goes just as well....

I am fully recommitting myself to my art, my family,  and my fans after too long a time of absence.  

Speaking of family, as of 7am this June 7th 2013 I am the proud uncle of a baby girl Zoey!  I cannot express deeply enough my pride in my brother Dan and his girl Kim.  I have no doubt they will make excellent parents!

 Stay tuned


by Samuel Foote on 06/12/11

Title: Horizon $65 In my shop!
Medium: Oil
Support: Paper mat board
size: 8x10 inch Image 11 x 13 inches with Frame
Frame: Custom plaster frame included!

Out of Nowhere

by Samuel Foote on 06/12/11

Title: Out of Nowhere  $65 in my shop!
Medium: Oil
Support: Paper mat board
size: 8x10 inches, Image 11x13 inches, Frame


Frame: Custom plaster frame included!

Happy new year!

by Samuel Foote on 12/31/10

2011, Here we come!

Postings and Pricing

by Samuel Foote on 11/13/10

I'm going to be alternating my posting from major to more minor works. My strategy of late when doing shows is to have a wide section of price points to chose from when considering the purchasing of my work. For example, and partially as a necessity of the economy, I start small. 8"x10" is my staple. I'm now currently displaying 14 8"x10's" , witch I am switching out with new one's as they are sold. From there the works incrementally increase is size and price. In the ongoing Hub show, I have several larger pieces as well. Some of my painting's are out of harmony with this scheme as they are piece I've dedicated special attention, and consequently, more time too. I will some times work on paintings over years, rather than days! As example, check out TURMOIL, in the gallery.

It used to take me a long time to paint a picture. Recently my technique and process has improved greatly. I can now paint a piece in 3 or 4 sessions no problem. In the last month I have painted nearly 20 new works, a record for me, including the making of at least a dozen frames, etc.

Expect up dates from me far more often!!!

Make a great day!

Sam Foote

Hub Show!

by Samuel Foote on 11/02/10

I installed a new show at the Hub last night. As of now there are 19 works on display, but I already have people buying with the intent of taking them home before it ends. If your in the neighborhood check it out! There is a new image in the gallery titled Follow Through, one of the new pieces on display at the the Show. Through the month I will be posting new stuff so keep checking back.follow through

Sex In The Biggest Little City!

by Samuel Foote on 08/03/10

A commissioned piece created for my

client and friend Tory Clark.  This is the business

logo for her company 

Tory is a Dr. of Sexology, and professor of Human

Sexuality at the university of Reno Nevada. 

Tory and her husband Justine, are two very kind

and understanding people.  If you would like a

consultation, or have questions  on matters

relating to your sexual well being, then I strongly

suggest you go to Tory's website

sexinthebiggestlittlecity, and give her a call!

Have Pride!

by Samuel Foote on 08/03/10

Another commissioned work created
This one was for the Reno Gay Pride parade, 
and is now on display around Reno as posters advertising the event.   

Under Construction

by Samuel Foote on 07/31/10

I'm giving this place a bit of a make over. 

In a couple of days, every thing will be funtional again.


by Samuel Foote on 05/13/10

I currently have a show at the Hub coffee Co. in Reno. It will be showing until the end of this month of May. If you happen to find your self in this neck of the woods check it out! The hub has become not only one of my favorite hang-outs, but for artists, musicians,and academics of all types. The staff are incredibly cool and outgoing, and another bonus, the coffee is the best you'll likely find in town.

It is quite the sociable place and I rarely go there with out finding someone very interesting to talk to.

32 Cheney St. Reno, NV 89501 (Right across the street from Maytan Music Center, for the locals)

* Mon: 6 a.m. - 7p.m.
* Tue: 6 a.m. - 7p.m.
* Wed: 6 a.m. - 7 p.m.
* Thurs: 6 a.m. - 7 p.m.
* Fri: 6 a.m. - 7 p.m.
* Sat: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
* Sun: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


by Samuel Foote on 04/18/10

The only thing worse than selling a painting is being poor and unable too make more!

New Show!

by Samuel Foote on 04/02/10

I will have a new show at the Hub coffee house in Reno Nv, in May.  I'll fill in the details as they become available.

A compendium of thought.

by Samuel Foote on 03/11/10

Where Am I ? This is the first post of the Blahblah Blog.  It's intent to comunicate my thoughts, feelings, and intrest's. 

So then, put on a helmet and get ready for the ride.

Link to my Deviant Art site: